Curry Sauce Is The UK’s Favourite Chip Topping

We all love fish’n’chip shop chips, right? Rightly so – they’re one of the bedrocks upon which the UK is built. But while a majority of the country will agree they’re a winning side dish, one thing that’s still up for debate is the best chip topping… until now.

Gravy, curry sauce, cheese or mushy peas – these were the four options given to voters on a Twitter poll in a bid to finally put an end to the debate and find out the true chippy champion.

And there’s one topping that won by a landslide – curry sauce.

Fish'n'chips - but what's your choice of topping? Credit: Pexels
Fish’n’chips – but what’s your choice of topping? Credit: Pexels

Yes, out of the thousands of votes made by LADbible readers, the sweet and spicy beige-coloured sauce was crowned reigning champion of chip toppings, with a whopping 40 percent of the vote.

Gravy came second with 29 percent, cheese was close behind at 28 percent, and at just 3 percent, mushy peas ranked lower than any of us could’ve expected.

Although the outcome is fair and square, people had a LOT to say about this pressing topic, with many commenting that two options are better than one.


“Chips cheese and curry sauce is even better,” wrote one user, while another agreed, adding: “Chips, cheese AND curry sauce.”

Others pointed out the absence of ketchup and mayo on the list, but surely these are side condiments rather than toppings and so belong in an entirely different poll.

Then there were those who went completely off menu. Here are some of the other toppings people like to enjoy with their chippy chips (brace yourselves): baked beans and brown sauce, oxtail soup, ‘scraps’, Heinz veg soup, mint sauce, chocolate sauce and chocolate ice cream. Yikes.

So what have we learned? That people’s tastes vary on a dramatic scale, but ultimately curry sauce is the most loved. Who’d have thought it? Particularly when the combo of chips’n’gravy is, as one person reminded us, a ‘national treasure’.

Credit: Dolphin Restaurant/TripAdvisor
Credit: Dolphin Restaurant/TripAdvisor

It also shows how much tastes have changed over the years. In a poll held back in 2012, curry sauce was down at the bottom, with only 6 percent of Londoners voting it the best topping, while up North and in the Midlands, just 16 percent and 15 percent of people respectively chose this option. Now it’s getting all the glory.

The question remains – which topping do you prefer? Whatever your answer might be, that’s your dinner sorted for tonight. Unless you’ve got a hangover, in which case you might want to go for a fry-up instead.

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