Dad Does ‘Superman Jump’ Into Pool To Save One-Year-Old Son

A heroic dad was caught on camera doing a Superman-style jump over a fence and into a pool to save his son.

One-year-old Rocco Passavanti, from Palm Beach County in Florida, had wandered through a half-open pool gate while trying to get one of his toys, but he slipped and fell into the water and quickly went under.

Fortunately, his quick-thinking dad Albert spotted what had happened and dived straight over the four-foot-high gate and into the pool to rescue his son.

In footage of the shocking incident, he can be seen coming to the surface just seconds later, clutching little Rocco.

Thankfully, neither Rocco or Albert was hurt in the incident.

Speaking to WPTV, he said: “The second you see it, you get Superman strength and just have to go for it.

“It didn’t even cross my mind to go around, it was point A to point B.”

Rocco Passavanti wander into a pool when trying to get one of his toys. Credit: WPTV
Rocco Passavanti wander into a pool when trying to get one of his toys. Credit: WPTV

Anna Stewart from the Drowning Prevention of Coalition of Palm Beach County has praised Albert after viewing the clip.

She told the news outlet: “When I first saw that video, my mouth dropped to the floor, oh my goodness!”

However, she also urged others who find themselves in a similar situation to assess risks before diving into water.

“You can drown also,” Anna said. “But we know parents are going to do what they’re going to do, right? They’re going to go in and save their children.”

She suggests that parents should ‘bring a flotation device with you so that way you don’t go underneath the water’.

She also encouraged parents to teach their little ones to swim from a young age to keep them safe.

Just yesterday, a mother hit headlines after being caught on CCTV saving her son’s life with her super-fast reactions.

In the clip, the little boy can be seen walking over to a fourth-floor balcony and leaning against what he seems to think is glass, but which is actually a gap in the railings.

He instantly begins to topple forwards through the space, but quick-as-a-flash his mum leaps over and grabs him by the leg, before pulling him to safety.

It’s not known if the boy sustained any injuries in the incident, but even if he did, it could have been a lot worse had it not been for his mum.

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