Daughter Disowns Father After Seeing Photo Of Him Posing With Dead Lion


A Canadian woman has disowned her father after a photo emerged of him posing next to the body of an dead lion he had killed during a hunting trip.

Sydney Carter, 19, posted a video on YouTube in which she claimed she will never call her dad -Darren – again after seeing the picture of him during a ‘canned hunt’ (hunting in a confined area) in South Africa.

The teenager hit out at him, claiming he had splashed out $15,000 (£12,000) on the hunting trip – run through Legelela Safaris – with his wife Carolyn, rather than support the cost of her education.

Several more photos of the couple stood alongside a series of dead animals have also been shared online, but it is not clear where these were taken.

Darren and Carolyn Carter were posing during a 'canned hunt' in South Africa. Credit: Facebook
Darren and Carolyn Carter were posing during a ‘canned hunt’ in South Africa. Credit: Facebook

In the emotionally charged video, Sydney said: “After knowing that he trophy hunts and thinks it’s OK, I am disgusted to call him my dad.

“I refuse to call him my dad anymore, who does that? I will never understand people like that – who take pride in shooting a beautiful animal like a lion. I’ll never understand it.”

Sydney says she has not seen her father in a decade and was devastated when she discovered that her estranged father had paid thousands to go hunting – despite Sydney claiming he stopped paying child support after she started uni (child support in Canada continues beyond 18 if the child is in full-time education).

She said: “After everything he’s done, he didn’t pay child support, he didn’t even give my mom a little bit of money, but he has enough to pay for a $15,000 trip to Africa with his wife that he cheated on my mom with. To go to Africa and trophy hunt, that just makes me sick.

Darren's daughter vowed never to speak to him again after seeing the photos.
Darren’s daughter vowed never to speak to him again after seeing the photos.

“So, Darren, if you’re ever watching this, just know that I don’t call you my dad anymore. You are a horrible person.

“Knowing you trophy hunt beautiful animals like lions, who are slowly becoming endangered, is just… it’s too much.

“I’m someone who loves animals and wouldn’t want anyone to hurt them, and to know that my own father does that – I don’t even consider you my dad anymore.”

The student says she hopes her dad never contacts her or her mum again.

The couple, from Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, run a taxidermy business and have described themselves as ‘passionate conservationists’ despite taking part in the hunts, reports the Mirror.

The tour operator shared the snaps of Darren and Carolyn alongside the caption: “Hard work in the hot Kalahari sun…well done. A monster lion.”

In another post, they wrote: “There is nothing like hunting the king of the jungle in the sands of the Kalahari!!!! Well done to the happy huntress and the team….”

When the Mirror contacted the couple, Mr Carter said: “We aren’t interested in commenting on that at all. It’s too political.”

Legelela offers giraffe hunts for £2,400, zebra from £2,000, with prices for leopard, rhino, lion and elephant hunts available ‘on request’.

Not everyone is so outraged by the photographs, however. British hunter Carl Knight says hunters don’t need to explain their actions to ‘armchair conservationists’ who ‘know nothing about Africa’.

Speaking to the Express, he said: “This is not [The Lion King‘s] Mufasa or Cecil [the lion killed in 2015 that attracted international media attention], this is an animal that was farmed like a cow, a sheep or a crocodile that is farmed for meat and skin.”

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