Delaney mocks Democrats at second debate: ‘These people are terrible at interrupting’

Delaney mocks Democrats at second debate: 'These people are terrible at interrupting'

Presidential candidate knocked his fellow Democratic contenders on Thursday, quipping that those appearing on the debate stage were “terrible at interrupting.” 

“These people are terrible at interrupting,” the former Maryland lawmaker tweeted as his fellow candidates broke out into loud interruptions.

Delaney, a long-shot 2020 hopeful, made the remark one day after appearing on the debate stage himself.

Other Twitter users weighed in on Delaney’s quip.

Edward-Isaac Dovere, a writer at The Atlantic tweeted, “The big lesson that night 2 debate Democrats seem to have taken” from candidates the previous night was that “interrupting works.”

Delaney was among 10 candidates who took part in the first night of the first Democratic presidential primary debates.

Though he saw less speaking time than most of his fellow candidates, Delaney did garner applause from the audience for his remarks on health care reform.

Nine other candidates, including top tier contenders such as former Vice President , Sen. (I-Vt.) and Sen. (Calif.), have taken the stage for the Thursday night debate.

Written by Alan Smith

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