Democratic senator knocks NBC over debate’s lack of climate-related questions

Democratic senator knocks NBC over debate's lack of climate-related questions
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A Democratic senator knocked NBC News’s debate questions Thursday, accusing the network’s moderators of spending time on frivolous questions rather than allowing all candidates to answer questions related to climate change.

Sen. (D-Hawaii) tweeted sarcastically that allowing all 10 of Wednesday night’s Democratic debate participants to speak about climate policy would have cut into the “game show”-like yes-or-no questions asked by moderator and others.

“It is just not reasonable to expect to have enough time for a climate question that every candidate answers,” Schatz wrote. “That would eat in to the time set aside for them raise their hands for yes/no questions like it’s a game show.”

Wednesday night’s debate featured shorter-answer questions from Todd and other moderators, who prompted the candidates to raise their hands to indicate support for specific health care policies, give one-word answers to describe America’s greatest geopolitical threat and other questions that received some criticism on social media for discouraging nuanced answers.


Schatz followed up his tweet by retweeting a Twitter user who mocked the form of NBC’s questions in a reply to Schatz, tweeting: “In one word, based on the current geopolitical threat, which character from Friends are you?”

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