Democratic senator: Subpoena Bolton’s book after Times report

Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) on Sunday floated subpoenaing former national security adviser John Bolton‘s forthcoming memoir if the former official isn’t called to testify himself.

“The Senate needs to hear from Bolton. The American people deserve to hear from Bolton. If we can’t get Bolton let’s get a subpoena for the book!” Jones tweeted.

Jones hasn’t said if he will vote to convict or acquit Trump at the end of the trial, but has thrown his support behind the call for more witnesses and documents. 


His suggestion comes after The New York Times, citing sources familiar with Boltons writing, reported that Bolton claims in his book that Trump sought to tie up $391 million in aid to Ukraine to his requests for the country’s leaders to help with investigations into Democrats, including former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

The report comes as the Senate is expected to vote this week on whether or not to allow calling new witnesses or documents. 

Democrats immediately seized on the Times report to double down on their demand that Bolton testify.  

“Senators should insist that Mr. Bolton be called as a witness, and provide his notes and other relevant documents. The Senate trial must seek the full truth and Mr. Bolton has vital information to provide,” the House managers said in a statement.

Democrats need four Republicans to vote with them to allow for additional witnesses. 

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