Democrats are ‘giddy over’ impeachment inquiry, Republican says

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) said on Sunday that Democrats are “giddy over” the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.  

Stewart, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, was responding to Rep. Val Demings‘s (D-Fla.) comments in a preceding interview on “Fox News Sunday” that the inquiry has been “painful.”

“Oh, my gosh. These guys are giddy over this,” Stewart told host Chris Wallace. “They’re not paining over this. And it’s not been the last 10 days. It’s been three years. Three years they’ve been trying to impeach this president.”

“This has been a painful time, this past couple of weeks now,” Demings, who also sits on the intelligence panel, said earlier. 

The GOP representative added later that the Democrats’ attitude toward the inquiry is “terribly divisive for the American people.” 

He also said the allegations of quid pro quo against the president are “just not true” and the leaks of partial texts and emails misrepresent quid pro quo.

“This is a great example of just the dishonesty on how this investigation is being run,” he said.

“Eventually the transcript will show it’s not true, but by then we’ll have already done our damage,” he added. “It’s malicious for them to leak like this and to not do it fairly.”

House Democrats launched an official impeachment inquiry into the president following reports that he encouraged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son. Last week, Trump said China should also look into the Bidens.

Democrats have asserted that Trump’s request while withholding aid to Ukraine amounts to a quid pro quo.

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