DNC raises $9 million in October in best monthly haul of the year

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) had its best fundraising month of the year in October, though it still fell behind the Republican National Committee (RNC).

The DNC announced Thursday it raised $9 million in October and finished the month with $8.7 million in cash on hand in a filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that was released during Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential primary debate.

The total, while its best monthly showing in 2019, still fell far behind the RNC’s October haul: A Wednesday FEC filing showed that the group raised $25.3 million in October and had $61.4 million in cash on hand.

The filings come as President Trump and the RNC team up to amass a gargantuan money stockpile about a year before the 2020 election, combining to raise more than $300 million so far this year alone. They also started November with $156 million in cash reserves.

The DNC’s fundraising gap with the RNC compounds on existing disadvantages it already faces, as the GOP is able to focus solely on supporting Trump’s reelection efforts while Democrats are still sifting through a crowded primary field.

Democrats have expressed concerns about the fundraising gap, fearing that it may be insurmountable in next year’s presidential race. 

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