Dog Chapman And Daughter Bonnie Slam Unauthorized Sellers For Releasing Beth Chapman Merch After Her Passing

Source: usatoday.com

After Beth Chapman’s passing, sellers wanting to profit off of the tragedy have created unauthorized tribute shirts and now, her husband, Duane Chapman, aka Dog and daughter Bonnie are dragging them and warning people not to buy the merch. Bonnie made it very clear that her late mother would not be Okay with something so disrespectful happening.

They also told fans that if they want shirts to remember Beth, there actually are official ones on their website.

Dog took to his Twitter account to write: ‘Any t-shirts with Beth’s likeness not from thebountystore.com is not authorized. Please do not buy these t-shirts, please report these ads and tag Bonnie if you see them.’

Bonnie added: ‘Please tag me in any of these ads and merchandise. We did not authorize any of this, Mom would be pissed.’

The father stressed the same idea in yet another tweet, asking their followers to ‘report ALL of these shirts for Beth’s memorial,’ and remind everyone there are authorized shirts on their personal site that they can buy instead.

Of course, the family’s supporters were outraged as well, one tweet in particular even getting a retweet from Bonnie.

‘It is a damn shame and write down pathetic that people are trying to make a profit off of somebody’s passing from this world who was a legendary person who was well-respected and was an inspiration to a lot of people how rude and disgusting can some people be,’ the upset fan wrote.

And many were quick to report the links to the unofficial merch on Twitter.

Some of the shirts, including one that features a picture of Beth with the writing ‘R.I.P. Beth Chapman,’ were listed on online shops.

Beth Chapman passed away on Wednesday after a long battle with cancer. She was only 51.

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