Donald Trump Gets Go-Ahead On Mexico Border Wall

Donald Trump‘s ‘wall plan’ has been officially given the go-ahead by the United States Supreme Court.

A section of wall will be built on the southern border of the US with Mexico. A figure of $2.5bn (£2bn) will be used to create the structure, which is being made to physically try to prevent people from illegally crossing the border into the US.

Initially, the cash for the project had been frozen by the lower courts, but the Supreme Court ruled by five votes to four that Trump can progress with the plan, which formed a major part of his 2016 election campaign.

According to reports, the money will be taken from various sources, including Homeland Security, the Treasury Department’s drug forfeiture fund, the Department of Defence’s drug interdiction programme and the Department of Defence’s military construction account.

In a tweet, Trump enthused about the decision, declaring it a ‘big win’.

Speaking from the Rose Garden in February, the President said: “They say walls don’t work. Walls work 100 percent.

“We fight wars that are 6,000 miles away, wars that we never should have been in. But we don’t control our own border. So we are going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border, and we’re going to do it one way or the other. We have to do it.”

He added: “We’d save tremendous, just a tremendous amount on… sending the military. If we had a wall, we don’t need the military, cause we’d have a wall!”

Alexei Woltornist, a spokesman for the justice department, said: “We are pleased that the Supreme Court recognised that the lower courts should not have halted construction of walls on the southern border.

“We will continue to vigorously defend the administration’s efforts to protect our nation.”

A child at a migrant camp at the Mexico/US border. Credit: PA
A child at a migrant camp at the Mexico/US border. Credit: PA

Donald Trump has said the border wall between Mexico and the US will be more difficult to climb than Mount Everest.

The wall is reportedly set to be 30ft high, whereas Everest is 30,000ft and is the tallest mountain in the world above sea level – hundreds of people have died attempting to reach the summit.

Trump previously said: “This wall is very, very on its way. It’s happening as we speak.

“We’re building as we speak in the most desperately needed areas.”

He then added: “It’s a big wall. It’s a strong wall, and it’s a wall that people aren’t going through very easy.

“They’re gonna have to be in extremely good shape to get over this one. They would be able to climb Mount Everest a lot easier, I think.”

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