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‘DOOM’, ‘DOOM 2’ And ‘DOOM 3’ Are Launching For Nintendo Switch Today

They’re not on the actual Switch eShop (in the UK) at the time of writing, but judging by the official Nintendo website, the legendary DOOM is releasing for the handheld-and-home hybrid console today – and for the very reasonable price of £3.99.

The seminal first-person shooter, developed by id Software and first released in 1993, is joined on the eShop by its 1994 sequel, DOOM II (classic edition), and 2004’s DOOM 3, something of a dark horse of the franchise, switching as it did over-the-top demon-killing action for more of a survival-horror atmosphere.

You can find DOOM on the Nintendo website right now, with a release date of 26 July, so expect it to be live on your console’s shop soon. DOOM 3 is here too, but the listing for DOOM II appears to have vanished, temporarily. Trust us when we say: it was there. The sequel is priced like the original, at £3.99, while the third game will set you back £7.99.

(Update: at the time of writing, all three games are down – but you can be sure they’ll be reappearing, soon.)


Add that together, and that’s a hell of a trilogy – pun intended – for a lot less than you’d usually pay for such a collection, especially on a Nintendo console.

There’s a good chance that these games will be live once Bethesda kicks off its Quakecon presentation, at 5pm UK time. (And if you’re reading this after then, I guess it kicked off, past tense, and these are already up.) I was just at the London event, ripping and tearing my way through the blistering DOOM Eternal (expect coverage of that, next week). So getting back to the office to find that these three games are about to land on my console of choice, on a Friday afternoon no less, is quite the Good Times.

The three games each come loaded with extras (thanks, Nintendo Life). DOOM features Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed, which includes nine extra levels, and has options for local four-player deathmatch and co-op modes.

DOOM II arrives with much more than its Super Shotgun, bundling the Master Levels alongside its regular campaign – that’s 20 bonus stages, designed by the DOOM community – as well as the same local multiplayer options as DOOM. And DOOM 3 comes with two expansion packs: Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Missions.

In case it wasn’t obvious already: this is a Very Good Thing. If you have a Switch, and a spare 16 quid kicking about in your Nintendo credit, flipping well jump on this like it’s a DDR machine and get with the demon slaying already. (And I’m really hoping they’re live again in time for me to do some hellspawn murdering on my commute home.)

Update: these games are also released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and mobile. Nice.

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