Drivers Scramble For Cash As Armoured Truck Drops £140,000

A bunch of motorists in the US have been plunged into a real-life ethical conundrum as thousands of dollars rained out of the back of an armoured truck.

Judging from footage taken at the scene, it seems most people decided the right thing to do was to get out of their cars and make hay while the sun shined, in some kind of bizarre motorway-based version of The Crystal Maze.

Approximately $175,000 (£140,000) is thought to have poured onto the road in Dunwoody, Atlanta, on Tuesday night.

Now, predictably, the police are asking those who seized the moment to return the unlawfully gained cash.

As of this (Thursday) morning, six people are said to have turned in around $4,400 (£3,514) worth of roadside wonga, with Randrell Lewis handing in $2,150 (£1,716) on his own.

The Uber Eats driver said he didn’t spend a cent/penny of his haul.

Speaking to CNN, he said: “It took me a minute to realise it wasn’t leaves. It was money – all over the roadway. It felt like a movie or something out of a video game, not something you would see in real life.

“I waited until this morning to see if there was a report out, and I saw it on the news. I wanted to do what was right and make sure I wasn’t doing anything illegal.”

But while police posed for pictures with Mr Lewis and praised him for his good deed, they warned those holding onto the ill-gotten cash not to expect such warm treatment once they are tracked down.

Mr Lewis returned more than $2,000 to the police. Credit: Dunwoody Police
Mr Lewis returned more than $2,000 to the police. Credit: Dunwoody Police

Speaking to WSB-TV, Sergeant Robert Parsons said: “Those people who do not return the money, we have video, we have tag numbers. We have footage of people on the interstate.

“What we’re asking the public to do is bring the money back. Don’t make us come looking for you, because if we do that, you probably will be charged.

“We certainly understand the temptation of that, you (sic) certainly see the money falling from the sky.

“We hate to be the Grinch who stole Christmas in July, but at the same time, it’s pretty reasonable to suspect this money belongs to somebody.”

No doubt there’s some pretty intense debates going on in houses across Dunwoody tonight.

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