Editing software problem crashing computers in Hollywood

An editing software program used by some film and TV editors was crashing users’ Apple Mac Pro computers Monday. 

The program, Avid, said Tuesday it is aware of the issue and the company is working to get it fixed. 

“Avid is aware of the reboot issue affecting Apple Mac Pro devices running some Avid products. This issue is top priority for our engineering & support teams, and we’re working diligently to determine & resolve the root cause. We’ll publish additional information as we learn more,” Avid tweeted Tuesday.

The crashes were noted by members of the industry on social media, warning others not to shut down their computers, which appeared to spur the crash. 

The issue was first reported by Variety

Marcus Pun, a freelance film editor, tweeted a warning posted by the “Avid Editors of Facebook” group. 

“Back up everything, not just on the servers is you are in a connected environment,” Pun tweeted.

A spokesperson for Apple was not immediately available for comment. 

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