Eric Trump on impeachment hearing: ‘This clown show is horribly boring’

President Trump’s son Eric Trump described the public impeachment hearing as a “clown show” that was “horribly boring.”

Eric Trump’s tweet came during the first day of public hearings in the House as Democrats continue to investigate President Trump’s interactions with Ukraine.

“For as much time as the Democrats have spent trying to orchestrate ‘political theater’ they have done a terrible job,” Eric Trump tweeted. “This clown show is horribly boring. There is not a single person outside the beltway who is engaged in this nonsense. Can’t wait to win again in 2020!” 

The president’s son also slammed Democrats by comparing them to “the desperate ex girlfriend/boyfriend that you want absolutely nothing to do with!”  

“This charade is a PERFECT example of the ‘political elite’ that real Americans hate… these swamp people are truly unrecognizable to the masses,” Eric Trump also tweeted.  

Diplomats William Taylor and George Kent testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday as Democrats move to the public phase of their impeachment inquiry.

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