EXCLUSIVE: Paul ‘PK’ Kemsley Accused of Hiding His Assets in $1.2 Million Lawsuit as Judge Denies His Attempt to Block RHOBH Wife Dorit Kemsley From Revealing Financial Records

EXCLUSIVE: Paul 'PK' Kemsley Accused of Hiding His Assets in $1.2 Million Lawsuit as Judge Denies His Attempt to Block RHOBH Wife Dorit Kemsley From Revealing Financial Records

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley will have to reveal her finances in court after her husband Paul “PK” Kemsley‘s attempt to block the request was denied.

As previously reported, the Beverly Hills housewife was ordered by the court to reveal her finances as part of the ongoing investigation regarding her husband’s $1.2 million-dollar lawsuit. A man by the name of Nicos Kirzis claims the entrepreneur failed to pay him back for a loan he gave him back in 2011.

According to court documents obtained by The Real Housewife of the Westside podcast and shared with Reality Blurb, Nicos’ attorney responded by accusing PK of hiding his assets and asked that the judge deny his claim to have the case dismissed.

If you recall, PK filed for bankruptcy in the UK in March 2012 citing millions in debt. According to PK, he feels that Dorit shouldn’t have to show her finances in court because this lawsuit should be dismissed on the basis that it was part of his bankruptcy. However, Nicos’ attorney told the judge that PK never listed Nicos’ loan as part of his debt when he filed for bankruptcy. He also slammed PK’s attempt to block Dorit’s testimony as a “baseless delay tactic.”

The attorney claimed: “Mr. Kemsley’s [attempt] is a baseless delay tactic by a Judgment Debtor who refuses to pay a Judgment that he indisputably owes. Despite living in a multi-million dollar mansion and being featured on a show highlighting his and his wife’s wealth and opulent lifestyle, Mr. Kemsley steadfastly refuses to pay his debts.”

PK’s defense also proves more difficult because Nico’s lawyer claims that “On September 19, 2016, the New York Court thus entered final judgment against Mr. Kemsley for $1.2 million, plus 9% post-judgment interest… Mr. Kemsley appealed that judgment, but later dropped the appeal on March 16, 2017 as part of a negotiated settlement that allowed Mr. Kirzis to enforce the New York Judgment if Mr. Kemsley failed to pay Mr. Kirzis as promised.”

As part of his agreement with Nicos, PK paid back $250,000 but then stopped making payments hence why Nicos is now attempting to collect his debt in a Beverly Hills court.

Finally, the attorney also mentioned the RHOBH, stating that despite PK’s claims that he can’t pay his debt, he, along with Dorit, flaunt their luxury lifestyle on the Bravo series.

“Mr. Kemsley has demonstrated repeatedly over the past three years that he will not pay the Judgment voluntarily. He claims to have no assets, yet he and his wife openly display their wealth on television and social media. This, of course, suggests that he has assets concealed somewhere. Mr. Kirzis is entitled to explore those assets through post-judgment discovery,” claimed Nicos’ attorney.

So far, the judge appears to be siding with Nicos as The Blast reports that PK’s request to block his wife from having to reveal her finances in court was rejected at a hearing held on September 3, meaning both Dorit and PK will have to show up to court today, September 5, or face being arrested.

In the midst of the legal battle, Nicos attempted to seize money from a City National Bank account under the couple’s name which led to the account being frozen. Dorit argued against this motion in court and insisted that the account, which contained $29,634.10, belonged solely to her, not her husband.

The judge will reportedly rule this month on whether or not the City National Bank account will remain seized.

Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/startraksphoto.com

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