Farmer Finds Ultra Rare Woolworths Ooshie But Destroys It When No One Wanted To Trade It For Water

People all over Australia have been kind of getting a little intense over Coles’ and Woolworths’ promotions.

Whether it’s the Little Shop 2 or Lion King Ooshies, people have been flocking to the stores, forking out loads of cash and then busily swapping, buying and selling them online in order to make a full set.

With the Ooshies, there are some that are more valuable than others and then there’s the furry Simba.

Credit: Melissa Portingale and Steven Black
Credit: Melissa Portingale and Steven Black

While there are a few varieties of the main characters you can get, there are only 100 furry Simbas out there and they’ve been listed on sites like eBay for up to $100,000.

With price tags up to that amount, you can imagine the elation that two Aussie farmers experienced when they not only unwrapped a furry Simba, but it had the number 001 on the bottom, indicating it was the first ever produced.

Victorian farmers Melissa Portingale, 33, and Steven Black, 47, knew they were sitting on a potential goldmine with their Ooshie, however when they posted onto a Facebook buy/swap/sell page, they didn’t want any money for it.

Instead they wanted water to help their struggling farm.

“I’m wanting to trade it for irrigation water to use on our dying farm due to the mismanagement from our government of the Murray Darling Basin,” Melisa wrote on the ad.

Melisa and Steven hoped that if they asked for water, people would realise how tough some farmers are doing and turn their attention towards the drought crisis.

“We shouldn’t be focusing on Ooshies, we should be focusing on how to save our farmers,” Ms Portingale told the SBS.

Credit: Channel 9
Credit: Channel 9

“I thought, I’m going to ask for water instead (of money)…maybe then people will start talking about water and how bad the situation is and maybe then something might happen.”

While there was a lot of praise for what they were doing, the farming couple copped a bit of abuse.

Some people eager to get their hands on the rare Ooshie were trying to offer water but didn’t know if they wanted a bottle, a truck or bigger.

As a result of the criticism, Melisa withdrew the listing from Facebook and then they took the bold step to destroy it live on TV. They were speaking to the Today Show about how the online bullying could have sent someone over the edge and that’s not on.

So in protest, they’re sending a message that people need to stop giving so much attention to them.

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Written by Alan Smith

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