Fetty Wap Is Reportedly Under Investigation After Being Accused Of Assaulting A Woman – He’s Been Filmed And The Video Is Here

Fetty Wap Is Reportedly Under Investigation After Being Accused Of Assaulting A Woman - He's Been Filmed And The Video Is HereBET

If the latest reports are correct then, Fetty Wap is not having his best day. The Shade Room brought more details on what happened.

There’s also a video of him putting his hands on someone as you will see below.

TSR writes that ‘A woman is accusing him of assaulting her, leaving her with bruises and scratches.’

They are citing data coming from TMZ and report that  law enforcement sources close to the situation claimed that a full investigation is underway because Fetty is now a ‘battery suspect.’

They continue and say: ‘We spoke to the woman, and she alleges she was with Fetty at his home when he brought more girls back. She then claims that Fetty flipped out after she made a comment about the girls being ugly. She’s accusing Fetty of choking and hitting her.’

This video and the whole issue, in general, triggered mixed reactions among people.

Somoene said ‘I’m against violence against ANY being. However, most rational people can clearly identify this type of scenario. She is provoking him. If you are in fear of your safety, why are you following him and taunting him with a camera?? Shouldn’t you be leaving the premises, locking the door, calling the cops instead of following him around like that and daring him to hit you? These psychos give women a bad image and domestic violence is NOT a light issue.’

Somoene else said, ‘Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ domestic abuse/violence is tricky because a lot of times females know how to “provoke and then play the victim” They’re confrontational and the aggressors then twist a crybaby story. I think 🤔 Shorty was asking for that.’

Anohter follower believes that ‘Y’all be provoking these men then be shocked when they give you what you asking for! Not saying it’s right but come on.’

What do you think about the video that surfaced online and about this whole situation?

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