‘Fire Tucker Carlson’ Trends As Fox News Host Announces Sudden Vacation

As #FireTuckerCarlson began trending on Twitter on Wednesday, Tucker Carlson announced that he would be taking some time off from his broadcast.

On Tuesday, the Fox News host claimed that white supremacy is a “hoax” and “not a real problem in America.” He did not apologize or walk back those comments last night, but instead attacked his critics. 

Carlson also announced he would be taking a break:

A Fox News spokesperson told CNN the vacation was planned. The network said Carlson will return on Aug. 19.

Fox News personalities have a tendency of taking vacations when controversies arise. Bill O’Reilly took a vacation after his sexual harassment settlements were disclosed and did not return. Laura Ingraham last year and Sean Hannity in 2017 each announced sudden vacations amid boycott calls yet both eventually returned.

Carlson has been under constant boycott calls for a string of racist comments ― including a segment last year in which he said immigrants made America “dirtier” ― but the network has stood by him even as advertisers fled. This time, however, Carlson’s critics are hoping he doesn’t come back: 

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Written by Alan Smith

Alan Smith

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