Fox’s Cavuto reads mean letters urging him to stay away after Trump criticism

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto read letters Monday urging him to stay on vacation after he criticized President Trump.

Cavuto, who was on vacation last week, received letters from viewers disappointed by his return, which he read during his Monday show.

“Why don’t you stay home right through Christmas?” Kevin wrote to Cavuto. “You need the rest, and so do we.”

The anchor responded to that comment by saying, “Well, just for that, I’m working right through Christmas.”

Another viewer, Steve M. from Chicago, wrote to him saying, “So, you’re not dead? Well, we can only hope. Careful, Cavuto. It’s still icy out there!”

The final message Cavuto read was from Mary, who said she thinks he’s “fair and balanced” and missed him while he was away.

“Sadly, though, I must warn you: I’m the only one in my family who feels this way, and because of that, I’m outvoted on what to watch,” she said. “Even my two dachshunds growl when you’re on.”

Cavuto replied that she should try German Shepherds instead because “they love me” and encouraged her to “keep fighting.” 

The Fox News anchor bashed Trump last month for condemning “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace for his coverage of the impeachment inquiry. Cavuto said reporters are “obligated to question” Trump and his allies, even if it leads to “inviting your wrath.”

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Written by Alan Smith

Alan Smith

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