Game Of Thrones May Have Actually Ended Well For Jon Snow

Spoilers ahead LADs, you know the score

Game of Thrones ended well for all of Ned Stark’s children – including Jon Snow.

Bran became King of the Six Kingdoms, Sansa demanded to be Queen in the North, and the legend that is Arya headed out on a big adventure. But what about Jon?

Although he may have saved the world from Daenerys, he was still banished to a life sentence at the Wall.

Jon ended up killing Dany to save the world. Credit: HBO
Jon ended up killing Dany to save the world. Credit: HBO

She may have been a murderous psycho, but Dany was still the queen, so obviously, it’s not ideal that he got rid of her, although he did try to talk her out of her commitment to destroying anything in her path.

Jon was taken to the Wall from King’s Landing, by two members of the Night’s Watch – most of which got killed in the Battle of Winterfell.

And although it wasn’t the greatest thanks for saving loads of innocent people from the Mad Queen, it was a bittersweet ending for Jon Snow. Waiting for him was Tormund and the wildlings.

Tormund had told Jon they’d stay at Castle Black until the winter storms passed, roughly half a year earlier.

And more importantly, Jon was reunited with his direwolf Ghost, who he had to leave behind in that gut-wrenching scene, where he didn’t even pet him goodbye. Thankfully, we got what we really wanted to see, and Jon gave him the pat on the head we’d all been waiting for.

When he got to Castle Black, Jon was wearing his Stark clothing, but before long he was back in his Night’s Watch get-up.

It looked as though he was reappointed as Lord Commander, with him taking to the raised platform above the wildlings in the courtyard and the crowd parting for him.

After all, Jon had saved the freefolk by letting them come through the Wall, and without him managing to reunite everyone at Winterfell, the Night’s Watch and the world would be taken by White Walkers.

Everyone there knew what Jon had done for them, and how he was murdered at that very castle and sent back there after killing Daenerys, all for doing the right thing.

But, as we see in the final scene, Jon heads out into the forest with the Folk, where there wasn’t any power struggle or egomaniacs wanting to take control.

A slight smile spread across his face and he knew his work is done, having saved the world from the Night King – and that’s why we love him.

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