‘Ghost Adventures’ Are Filming A Two-Hour Special At The Real-Life ‘Conjuring’ House

Imagine being interested in paranormal activity and getting the chance to go into the ACTUAL Conjuring house, that inspired the terrifying movie.

It’s surely the pinnacle of ghost-hunting, no?

Well that’s exactly what Ghost Adventures are bringing fans, as the team of investigators are planning on visiting the terrifying home for a two-hour long Halloween special.

Credit: Warner Bros
Credit: Warner Bros

The Old Arnold Estate in Harrisville, Rhode Island, was home to the Perron family from 1971 to 1980, who claimed they were tormented by evil spirits in the house.

The family claim they witnessed creepy happenings, demonic possessions and were terrorised by the ghost of a women who used to live at the property, Bathsheba Sherman, in the mid-1800s.

Ed and Lorraine Warren, the reknowned ghost-hunters who founded the New England Society for Psychic Research, the oldest ghost hunting group in England, were called to investigate the house.

It’s their terrifying time at The Old Arnold Estate that inspired the hit Conjuring franchise.

Now, the Ghost Adventures, helmed by Zak Bagans, is taking its team of paranormal investigators to epicentre of creepy goings on.

Credit: Warner Bros
Credit: Warner Bros

Airing on 31st October on ET, the notes on the episode read: “A two-hour Halloween special, Ghost Adventures: Halloween 2019, takes the team to Rhode Island for an unforgettable lock-down inside the real-life home that inspired the iconic horror film, The Conjuring.

“The home’s hauntings were also made famous by renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

“The Rhode Island home is one of the most terrifying places in the world. Ghost Adventures crew is ready to confront the potentially dangerous consequences of investigating the infamous house.”

Zak Bagans says that the prospect of investigating the real-life house that inspired the Conjuring has left him “speechless” saying: “That has a been a dream of mine to investigate for years and I can’t believe it’s finally happening. It’s beyond legendary.

“I can’t wait for viewers to experience this terrifying adventure with us.”

He added: “I’ve investigated a lot of places, but these locations are absolutely terrifying on a whole other level.”

Yep, happy to be watching this one from the safe distance of our sofa.

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