Google Earth: Someone Has Found A Giant ‘Alien City’ Off Mexico’s Pacific Coast

A week doesn’t go by without a new UFO sighting being reported, often with some sketchy images or video of the alleged aircraft. But this time its something that’s been spotted on Google Earth, is this proof of a huge underwater alien city? Nah, probably not. But what is it?

According to UFO blogger Scott C Waring, who wrote for the amazing ufosightingsdaily website, the ‘city’ is 76-miles long and is situated 45 miles away from the Mexican coast.

The video, which uses Google Earth to pinpoint the exact location of the ‘city’ – just off the Gulf of California – was uploaded to YouTube and it’s got UFO-lovers and conspiracy theorists very excited.

According to the website, the official date of discovery of this mysterious “city” was July 2016 and its located in the Gulf of California, Mexico. You can see this for yourself by going to Google Earth and pasting in the coordinates: 26°38’29.03″N 110°27’0.85″W

The blogger suggests it needs to be checked out with some drones and reckons it’s 100 percent an ‘intellectually made structure’. He also says it’s ‘no wonder we hear of so many UFO sightings over Mexico’

The quality of the video, which was originally uploaded to YouTube by someone with the name MEXICOGEEK, isn’t great – it’s Google Earth – but you can definitely see something under the water. If anyone knows what it is, please let me know.

This isn’t the first time our pal Scott has blogged about an underwater alien base; he also announced the discovery of this eight-and-a-half-mile pyramid, just west of Mexico. Scott wrote that only aliens could accomplish making such a massive structure and, again, it WOULD explain all the UFO sightings over Mexico, right?

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