Hannity slams Stern for Clinton interview: ‘Not the guy I grew up listening to’

Fox News’s Sean Hannity ripped SiriusXM host Howard Stern on Wednesday night, saying the radio veteran he grew up listening to would be a supporter of President Trump and not 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and would not go to “polo matches and parties” in the Hamptons.

The perspective came after Clinton joined Stern’s show earlier Wednesday for an interview that featured a considerable amount of critical discussion of Trump.

“Stern [asked Clinton] — this is a little ironic — did [Sen.] Lindsey Graham sell his soul? The guy I grew up listening to, Howard Stern, to me, would have supported Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton. And probably wouldn’t be at Hamptons polo matches and parties,” Hannity said on his own show while introducing a clip of the Stern-Clinton interview.


“Has he sold his soul to the devil?” Stern asked Clinton rhetorically about the Graham’s (R-S.C.) staunch support of the president.

“I don’t know. That’s a fair question, however,” Clinton responded.

“Not sure why Howard hates Trump and loves her,” Hannity said after the clip. “Makes no sense. That’s not the guy I grew up listening to.”

Hannity grew up in the New York City area, where Stern dominated the talk show industry for years on WNBC and later 92.3 K-Rock.

Stern endorsed Clinton leading up to the 2016 election despite many friendly and candid interviews with Trump for years before the former real estate mogul and NBC “Apprentice” star entered politics.

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