Hilarious Footage Of Japanese Zoo’s Lion ‘Escape Drill’ Goes Viral

The internet – it’s a wonderful place. Well, sometimes it is a wonderful place.

Whether it’s a video of kids teaching their grandad how to make Alexa fart, vets making a turtle wheelchair out of Lego, or photos of the ‘bring your dog to work day’, you can always count on the world wide web to put a smile on your face.

Case in point: a viral video is doing the rounds of a lion ‘escape drill’ at a Japanese zoo, performed with a staff member dressed in a fluffy animal costume.

Yes, in the advent of an earthquake or some other disaster that leads to a lion escaping from its enclosure, Tobe Zoo in Ehime is preparing by having a person dressed as a lion pretending to break out and run riot

The footage has left the internet in stitches, as it shows employees of the zoo using nets and an unloaded tranquilizer gun while staging a mock lion prison break. The lion being a bloke running about in a fluffy, smiling lion costume that they’ve obviously just picked up from their local fancy dress shop.

If only a real emergency could be this hilarious.

Credit: Mainichi News Group
Credit: Mainichi News Group

It’s a sight to behold, particularly the moment when the dude charges into the net, knocking over one of the staff members in the process.

The video was shared by local news outlet Mainichi News Group, outlining how the fake drill is done every year.

Seriously, they should start selling tickets for it each year.

As you’d expect, the Twittersphere was quick to offer up a few choice thoughts on this rather amusing annual event – particularly the expressions of the actual lions, who appear to be watching the ludicrous scenario unfold with utter bewilderment.

“The lions look straight-up offended,” wrote one user, with another chiming in: “Lions are like ‘what in the hell is this?'”

This lion was NOT impressed. Credit: Mainichi News Group
This lion was NOT impressed. Credit: Mainichi News Group

A third said: “They’ve just taught the lions their emergency plan. I’m not sure that’s the smartest move.”

Well done internet, you can sit down now.

In defence of the zoo’s rather unusual strategy, they’re right to prepare for the worst. Not only has this particular enclosure just taken on another male lion, but right now Japan is under a tsunami warning after a 6.8 earthquake hit the north-west of the country.

So at least if a lion does escape, they’ll be prepared…kinda.

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