Hong Kong teen shot during protests charged with rioting, attacking police

Tsang Chi-kin, the 18-year-old man shot by Hong Kong police on Tuesday, has been charged with rioting and attacking police, The Associated Press reports.

Tsang was shot in the chest at close range by Hong Kong police after he struck an officer with a rod.

The teenager is one of seven protesters who were charged with rioting Thursday. The penalty for rioting in the Chinese territory can be up to 10 years in prison. Attacking the police, the additional charge Tsang faces, can lead to a term as long as six months.

As the violent protests raged in Hong Kong on Tuesday, mainland China celebrated 70 years of communist rule. Tuesday’s protests sparked Hong Kong lawmakers to consider banning masks during demonstrations. 

According to the AP, Lawmakers will meet Friday to discuss whether or not to implement a mask ban.

While some believe that a mask ban will help quell the increasingly violent nature of the protests, others believe that it will serve as a catalyst for further public outrage.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong Wednesday and Thursday to show support for Tsang and to protest the actions of Hong Kong police, whose actions have been perceived as a show of excessive force.

Local authorities have reportedly defended their actions, calling them “reasonable and lawful.”

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