How to Make Your Own Ziploc Bag in a Pinch


How to Make Your Own Ziploc Bag in a Pinch

diy ziploc bags

diy ziploc bagsHow many times have you opened a bag of chips, figuring you’re going to get through all of it, then you realize you don’t really want to eat all those calories in just one sitting? So you go to close the bag, and then you realize that if you roll it up, air is still going to get inside, and your chips are still going to go all stale. So you go to look for a Ziploc bag to transfer the chips to, and you find you are completely out of them.

That has happened to me a lot, and not always with chips. But the point is that I am suddenly out of Ziploc bags.

I just found this cool video that has solved my problem forever:

In just over a minute, he explains how you can turn any opened bag you want into a sealable bag like a Ziploc bag which will keep all the air out so your chips (or whatever) will remain fresh.

It is so easy.

You need:

The opened bag
A pair of scissors
A couple of plastic straws

Here are the super easy steps!

1. Get one of the two plastic straws and fold the top of the bag over it.
2. Cut through one side of the second straw.
3. Hold the end of the second (cut) straw open, and then push it over top of the first straw. Once you have done this, the cut straw will hold the bag in place over the original straw.

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Okay … so that actually doesn’t convey very well through written instructions—which is exactly why you need to watch the video! Do it! You’ll be so glad you did!

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