Hundreds of protesters descend on the Capitol to call for Trump’s impeachment

Droves of protesters descended on the Capitol to voice support for President Trump’s impeachment on Wednesday ahead of the full House’s vote to impeach. 

According to The Washington Post, hundreds of protesters were demonstrating outside the Capitol, building on a string of similar protests calling for the president’s impeachment that spread across the country the night before.

In footage and images of Wednesday’s demonstration in the nation’s capital, protesters could be seen holding large signs spelling words like “impeach” and “remove” in capital letters.


Other videos show speakers from progressive groups like VoteVets, one of the country’s largest progressive veterans groups, delivering remarks from a podium, as lawmakers from both sides of the aisle debate articles of impeachment brought against Trump, which charge him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

“Today the House will vote to impeach the president … the commander in chief of America’s armed forces, for abusing his office,” Will Goodwin, the director of government relations for the veterans group, can be seen telling an audience to cheers outside the Capitol in one clip.

Protesters at the demonstration could also be seen holding up signs depicting some of the large turnouts that were seen at similar protests in multiple cities from Tuesday night, according to the Post. 

Capitol Police told The Hill that the protest had dispersed later on Wednesday afternoon.

The swath of protests and demonstrations arrive in anticipation of the scheduled House vote on Wednesday on whether to impeach Trump. 

The vote, which is expected to end in impeachment for the president, follows weeks of investigations by lawmakers into whether Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine in exchange for the announcement of politically favorable investigations. Trump has repeatedly denied the accusations.

James Jarvis contributed

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