Iran lays foundation for second nuclear plant: report

Iran has reportedly laid the foundation for its second nuclear plant, state television reported. 

This move is a big step toward building the facility in Bushehr with Russian assistance, according to Reuters.  

“Nuclear power provides reliable electricity… and each power plant saves us 11 million barrels of oil or $660 million per year,” Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, said, the news service noted.

Two unidentified sources told Reuters in late October told Reuters that the U.S.’s arrangement to have Russia, China and European countries work at Iranian facilities would help prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons.  

The relationship between Iran and the U.S. has been strained after President Trump withdrew from the Obama-era nuclear deal last year and reimposed sanctions.

Iran said it injected uranium gas into another nuclear complex last week, moving away from the nuclear agreement and sparking criticism from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

The country also reportedly prevented a United Nations nuclear inspector from entering a facility two weeks ago, claiming that she tested positive for explosives.

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