Irn-Bru Defends Lewis Capaldi Saying Noel Gallagher Is ‘Cancelled’

The Lewis Capaldi vs Noel Gallagher bants are chugging on, though this time a third party has got involved – in the form of a very well-known, bright orange Scottish drink, which has waded in to defend the Glaswegian singer.

Irn-Bru has taken it upon itself to stick up for wee Capaldi, having announced that Gallagher is ‘cancelled’.

A short but sweet tweet simply said: “@NoelGallagher is cancelled.”

Irn-Bru's tweet. Credit: Twitter
Irn-Bru’s tweet. Credit: Twitter

In a reply to the thread, Irn-Bru then also linked through to Liam Gallagher’s Souncloud profile:

Many other Twitter users joined in with the banter, with one commenting: “Liam will always be the better and more loved brother.”

Another agreed, saying: “Always preferred @liamgallagher anyway.”

Someone else wrote: “Oh Noel, you just can’t win this one. The Scots own twitter. See you at Butlins retro Britpop fest 2020.”

A fourth quipped: “Don’t look back in anger, Noel…”

Noel Gallagher. Credit: PA
Noel Gallagher. Credit: PA

Last month, Noel Gallagher had questioned who ‘idiot’ Lewis Capaldi was, while discussing the ‘f***ing w***’ state of music.

Capaldi has since decided to join Gallagher to his game, posting numerous videos on social media, taking to the stage at Glastonbury donning a parka and Noel Gallagher t-shirt, and partaking in ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ singalongs with fans.

In a series of videos posted on Instagram, Capaldi said: “F***ing peaked. Being slagged off by Noel Gallagher. F***ing c’mon!

“Number one single – who gives a f***? Number one album – who gives a f***? Noel Gallagher has just slagged me off. This is dreams coming true.

“It’s Father’s Day, I’m being slagged off by a man who is old enough to be my da and I’ve never been more happy. I’ve never been more happy. Happy Father’s Day, Noel.”

Gallagher remained silent while all this was going on, but eventually broke his silence in an interview with Variety, in which he said: “F***ing Chewbacca should enjoy his 15 minutes’.

But, of course, Capaldi hit back once again, embracing his new nickname – first by laughing at it, then by completely embracing it with a new profile picture.

Along with a Photoshopped head shot depicting himself as the hairy Star Wars character, Capaldi also changed his name on Twitter to ‘Chewis Capaldi’.

Aw, it’s good to see the boys playing nicely, isn’t it?

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