Jenelle Evans And David Eason – Family Attorney Explains How They Were Awarded Their Kids’ Custody Back And More!

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As fans know, after multiple court trips, Jenelle Evans and David Eason were able to get back the custody rights for their kids. But given the reason why the young ones were removed from the reality TV stars’ home in the first place, how did they manage to regain custody?

One lawyer explained that, as well what is in their future while chatting with HollywoodLife.

After reuniting with the children on July 3, Jenelle and David were reportedly super happy about it and it showed!

They initially lost custody of Kaiser and Ensley back in May after David shockingly shot Jenelle’s dog with the offspring in the house, traumatizing and putting them in danger.

Over the past month, Jenelle and David have remained a united front and after attending a number of court dates, a judge ruled in their favor, allowing the kids to come back home with the former Teen Mom stars.

Now, family attorney Jamie S. Getty, based in North Carolina tells HollywoodLife that ‘Since this is a juvenile case and court documents are confidential, we cannot know exactly what decision the judge made because it might be one of two options. The petition could’ve either been completely dismissed by the judge which could mean that the judge didn’t believe the allegations in the petition rose to the level of abuse or neglect provided by law.’

‘Or the judge granted a trial home placement which means that the case would continue to allow social workers to come and check in on the family. It gives social workers the opportunity to go back in Jenelle and David’s house to make sure the parents are following up on the stipulations of their case and that the kids are living in a safe environment,’ Getty added.

Furthermore, it’s believed that David was ordered to undergo a psych evaluation.

The attorney says that since they let them take the kids back, the results are either not back yet or it was proven he is not a danger to the young ones.

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