John Delaney Having Zero Fun On A Giant Slide Is The Newest 2020 Debate Meme

An old photograph in which Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney appears to be having an indifferent time on a giant slide is going viral.

Will Sommer, a reporter for The Daily Beast, shared the picture — originally taken at the 2018 Iowa State Fair — on Twitter late Thursday evening. It inevitably took on a life of its own, just after the former Maryland representative appeared in the first of several televised 2020 debates.

Now, to be fair, Delaney did look like he was having a slightly better time in this other still from that August day in Des Moines:

But he still became the latest meme of the night ― which, of course, included that Spanish-speaking moment from former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

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