Jussie Smollett Saga Continues With New Media Dump By The Police Involving A Video

Jussie Smollet Empire Brothers AttackCredit: Parade

After Jussie Smollett reported being attacked on racial grounds, many people started poking holes in his story, pointing out various inconsistencies, and ultimately accusing the Empire star of fabricating the whole incident in an attempt to draw attention to himself.

Smollett has continuously denied the accusations and has insisted that the attack did indeed happen. Meanwhile, many of his fellow celebrities have started to distance themselves from him, expressing their disappointment over his behavior.

In a recent development, the two brothers — Abel and Ola Osundairo — who allegedly carried out the attack were spotted on security footage, which shows one trying to cover up his face.

However, the brothers were still successfully identified in the end, as the footage showed enough to make recognizing them possible.

The footage released by the Chicago Police Department was captured inside a taxi car, showing one of them wrapping a hoodie around his face.

Additionally, the Chicago Police have released the audio from the 911 calls made on the night of the incident.

Smollett’s manager, Frank Gatson, who called the authorities, said: “I need the police to come by. I work for an artist. I don’t really want to say his name. He states he went to Subway … and two guys —somebody jumped him or something like that. I just want to report it and make sure he’s alright.”

He added:“I just think he’s startled. I’m scared, and I don’t know what it is — They put a noose around his neck. They didn’t do anything with it but put it around his neck. That’s pretty f–ked up to me — sorry for saying it like that.”

The most popular theory right now is that Smollett — who had previously worked with the two men on the set of Empire — had asked them to carry out the attack, and was hoping to use the subsequent publicity to boost his image.

However, the plan has backfired dramatically, as it has drawn much negative attention towards the star more than anything else.

Still, some remain supportive of Smollett, pointing out that people should refrain from making any judgments until the entire story has been revealed.

Judging by the way it has been going so far though, it is not clear if this will ever happen at this point, as all parties involved have been very sketchy about their role in the incident.

Despite having his case dismissed, the actor is no longer part of the series.

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