Kevin Rudd Says ‘Get Ready To Die’ As He Makes His Handball Comeback

Depending on how you viewed his Prime Ministership, Kevin Rudd was either a legend or a dickhead. That’s just the way it is in Aussie politics these days, it seems.

Since he bowed out of politics in 2013 after a crushing loss to the Liberals in the federal election, it appears Mr Kevin 07 has been keeping himself pretty busy in a variety of extracurricular activities.

One of those vocations has been handball.

Yes – that game that you played a youngen during recess and lunch where you’d batter a tennis ball across a line with your mate/s like you were a couple of tennis greats.

But because Mr Rudd has suffered a rough knee surgery, he’s been out of action and hasn’t been able to dominate the courts like he used to.

Well, after a bit of recovery and rehabilitation, it seems like the former Prime Minister is back in action and is ready to take on anyone who dares to challenge him.

In a rather creepy video posted on his Facebook page, the 61-year-old has appeared behind his desk where he’s signing handballs.

Credit: Facebook/Handball Memes
Credit: Facebook/Handball Memes

“G’day it’s Kevin Rudd here, the global handball king. Well, sort of. Well, in fact, try hard,” he says.

“Guess what guys? Come the end of August, having overcome the problems of my knee surgery I am re-entering the field.

“So any of you guys who are looking for a handball championship game, I’m available let my office know through direct message. In the meantime if you want a handball signed by the global champion himself, then send in a direct message as well. Be very good and get ready to die.”

Jesus Christ, that’s an ominous message coming from the former leader of the country.

He hasn’t been shy about his affections for the handball court, even declaring himself on a RedditAMA to be the best player in the Southern Hemisphere – now that’s a claim.

Credit: Facebook/Handball Memes
Credit: Facebook/Handball Memes

In fact, he challenged students at a Brisbane high school two years ago to prove he could walk the walk.

Kevin07 rocked up to Kelvin Grove High School and showed he was still the man on the four-square court.

Some critics argued he wasn’t really dressed for the occasion, opting for a shirt, suit pants and formal shoes, which everyone knows wouldn’t provide optimal support for the likes of handball.

The video, aptly titled ‘Kev Gon Give It To Ya’, was uploaded to Facebook page Handball Memes, with more than 3.8 million people viewing it.

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Written by Alan Smith

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