KFC Launches Fried Chicken Bucket Hats

KFC in Russia has launched the ultimate fashion accessory for fans of fried chicken, with this chicken-bucket-bucket-hat.

The hat is designed to look like the traditional KFC bucket, complete with logo, but flip it over and you’ve got yourself a stylish hat. What will they think of next, eh?

The new merch is to launch the new brand packaging, which ironically, looks more like the older packaging.

KFC in Russia got in touch with St Petersburg-based street-wear designer Mam Cupy to come up with the design.

In a statement KFC said: “Originally an 80s trend piece, the bucket hat made a comeback in the 90s and having made the product life cycle once more, it has revived as this year’s essential street-wear summer accessory. The design repeats the look of the KFC iconic bucket, with its red and white stripes, complemented with KFC and Mam Cupy logos.”

A stylish hat and handy chicken holder. Credit: KFC
A stylish hat and handy chicken holder. Credit: KFC

Well, I’m not sure I’d want to wear one but each to their own and all that.

If all this talk of KFC buckets has got you craving a taste of the 11 herbs and spices, then I’ve got a bit of good news for you, because UK KFC is lowering the price of its 20 hot wing bucket to just £5.99 bucket to just £5.99 until 14 July.

The summer promo kicked off on 17 June and runs through until this Sunday, meaning you’ve still got plenty of time to get your chicken fix.

And if that’s not quite enough heat for you, the fast-food chain also announced it was releasing bottles of its Supercharger sauce as of 15 July.

For just four quid you can get your greasy, chicken-covered mitts on a whole litre bottle of the delicious spicy mayonnaise from KFC restaurants across the UK.

In a statement KFC UK and Ireland said: “For a while now fans have only been able to get a small taste of our spicy mayo in our infamous burgers and flamin‘ wraps.

“But we know, just how much our supercharger sauce is loved up and down the country and are excited to share our supersized edition of our legendary sauce.”

If you’re slightly daunted by the idea of a litre of spicy sauce, then you can ease yourself in with a dipping pot for 30p.

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Written by Alan Smith

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