Kudlow hits Democratic candidates’ economic policies: ‘I don’t understand what planet they’re describing’

Kudlow hits Democratic candidates' economic policies: 'I don't understand what planet they're describing'
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‘s top economic adviser said on Sunday responded to Democratic presidential candidates questioning whether the U.S. economy is benefiting all Americans by saying he doesn’t “understand what planet they’re describing.”

 “I just don’t understand in general. I hear some of their policies, I hear some of their narratives. I don’t understand what planet they’re describing,” told on “Fox News Sunday.”
“The United State economy is booming,” he added.
While Trump regularly touts the strength of the economy — low unemployment and a booming stock market — Democrats running to defeat him in 2020 have frequently pointed, on the debate stage and the campaign trail, to stark income inequality as proof those economic benefits have yet to reach all Americans. 
Wallace asked Kudlow specifically about statements Sen. (D-Mass.) and Sen. (I-Vt.) made at the Democratic presidential debates last week. The progressive senators hit hard on the theme that the current economy hasn’t benefited all workers and both have proposed programs, such as student debt elimination and health care for all, to help struggling Americans.
“(The economy) is running at about a 3 percent average since President Trump took office. On this business about the bad distribution, the blue collar workers, the non-supervisory workers, have done the best,” Kudlow said. “The unemployment rate is low, we just had the best June stock market, the Dow Jones, in 80 years, that’s going to fill out the 401Ks of middle class folks.”
“Somebody’s got to do a little fact checking here on what some of these candidates are saying,” Kudlow added. “I would simply say this, the economy is strong, the narrative I’m hearing from the other side, it just ain’t so.”

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