LAD Wants Plus-One For All Expenses Paid Jamaican Holiday After Being Dumped By Girlfriend

The end of a relationship is never easy. Alongside the heartbreak, there’s the logistics of it – who’s going to keep stuff you bought together, who will stay friends with who. And if you’ve booked a holiday together, well that’s a whole new level of awkward.

When 24-year-old finance assistant Reece Walker, from Birmingham, got back from a trip to Florida with his girlfriend of four years, he was shocked when she decided to call it a day. To make matters worse, their next trip away was already booked.

Reece is now looking for a plus one to take on holiday with him. Credit: LADbible
Reece is now looking for a plus one to take on holiday with him. Credit: LADbible

And it wasn’t just any old holiday – the pair had booked two weeks in the Caribbean at a luxury five-star Jamaican resort, leaving on 1 September.

The Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton in Montego Bay, north Jamaica, has a spa, three private beaches and one of the largest pools in the country. The all inclusive holiday came to around £4,000 ($4,966) altogether.

Now though, he’s looking for a plus-one to join him on his trip. The winning candidate doesn’t have to pay a thing, but there is a catch – you must fit Reece’s criteria.

Reece shared the post on Facebook to try to find his plus one. Credit: LADbible
Reece shared the post on Facebook to try to find his plus one. Credit: LADbible

Sharing on his Facebook, Reece posted: “FREE JAMAICA HOLIDAY APPLICATION – due to unforeseen circumstances of being dumped, I currently have an all expenses paid, all inclusive holiday in a luxury 5 star resort in Jamaica all to myself in September for 2 weeks.

“Therefore I am now looking for a +1 to join me…”

He said that to apply, you need to send him your name, age, height, Instagram username, hobbies and interests, a reason he should pick you, and an interesting fact about yourself.

He adds: “All applications will be carefully considered and the lucky winner will be chosen.”

Speaking to LADbible, Reece explained: “We booked the holiday actually the day after my birthday on 19 January as we had previously gone there the year before and loved it that much.

“If I’m honest, I’m gutted the relationship has come to an end. We were together for four years and never had any issues, we were actually about to buy a house together – so it was all a huge shock as I was dumped the day we got back from Florida. She was a lovely girl and I was actually planning on proposing in Jamaica this time around.”

Oh Reece, don’t.

It's quite easy to imagine yourself here, isn't it. Credit:
It’s quite easy to imagine yourself here, isn’t it. Credit:

He’s already put the post on his personal Facebook page after his now ex-girlfriend declined to go as friends, and he’s already had some responses – some of which have been a bit grim.

“I’ve had over 200 messages about the holiday now,” Reece continued. “Some are very weird and strange as they have been pretty much describing what they would do to me if I chose them – some very personal considering I have no clue who they are!”

Obviously, now he’s looking for someone, Reece has been thinking about the perfect person for him to spend two weeks with.

He explained: “My ideal person to take away – if I’m being totally honest and fickle – is the best looking girl. Ideally, they would be committed to the holiday, someone I’m attracted to and who would be a good laugh.”

Wanting to keep it casual and have fun while he’s away, Reece added: “All it is, is a holiday and whatever happens, happens. It’s nothing deep and would be a laugh and a good story to tell once we’re back.”

Not going to lie, this is a pretty amazing offer. If you think you’re up to Reece’s standards, apply here and you could be sipping rum cocktails by one of those three beaches in no time.

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