LADs Go To Their Local Pub For A ‘Quiet Drink’ And End Up In Ibiza

It’s the classic situation – you plan on having a quiet one, you get the two-pint buzz (which is probably a scientifically proven thing) and then you end up having a big one by mistake.

But two mates weren’t content with just going into town in Cleethorpes for the football – instead, they ended up in Ibiza after booking spur-of-the-moment flights.

Twenty-one-year-old agricultural contractor Ross Tyson’s mum only found this out, however, when she realised his phone was going to an international dial tone – and she was less than impressed when she found out what he’d got up to.

Speaking to LADbible, Ross said: “My friend Callum messaged me and said, ‘Do you want to go out in Cleethorpes?’ As I saw this message I stumbled across a post from Ibiza Rocks on Instagram so my initial reply was, ‘How about Ibiza instead?’

“Originally I was joking, so I went to the pub where he was, but then we ended up booking it at 11pm to catch a flight at 6.45am on 7 June.”

Ross' mum wasn't best pleased to start with, but soon got into the idea. Credit: LADbible
Ross’ mum wasn’t best pleased to start with, but soon got into the idea. Credit: LADbible

He continued: “I didn’t know how the parents would react so I just said I was going to be working late to start with.

“My parents turned out to be absolutely fine and have said, ‘I suppose this is going to be normal from now on.’

“I have a strong relationship with both my parents and as I’m self-employed, they know I do very long hours throughout harvest and with that you have got to have a ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude – especially while you’re young.”

The pair ended up booking a hotel in San Antonio, priced at £65 for the night, and then bought tickets to Ibiza Rocks pool party.

After spending the full day there, they went to the iconic Eden superclub for its Defected night. They stayed there until 5.30am, slept for an hour and then got back to the airport for 8am.

Heavy going, LADs.

Callum and Ross in Ibiza. Credit: LADbible
Callum and Ross in Ibiza. Credit: LADbible

Ross’ pal Callum Cook, 22, told LADbible: “I left my mum a note on the kitchen side saying: ‘Just gone to Ibiza, I’ll be back sometime this weekend.’

“When we were at the airport, I messaged one of the lads I work with and said, ‘Might not make it in tomorrow, I’ve gone on a little day trip. Can you tell my supervisor?'”

Nice tactic, Callum. Always avoid doing your own dirty work.

While self-employed Ross was having a quiet week and could afford some time off, Callum works for an oil refinery.

Ross added: “Callum told his boss while we were out there – originally [his boss] wasn’t happy but in the end he said, ‘Well, next time tell me and I’ll come as well.'”

We would never, ever condone swerving work to go to Ibiza – unless you can get away with it, of course.

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