Lauren London Is Beyond Emotional While Accepting Nipsey Hussle’s Humanitarian Award At The 2019 BET Awards – See The Clip

Lauren London Is Beyond Emotional While Accepting Nipsey Hussle's Humanitarian Award At The 2019 BET Awards - See The ClipBET

Nipsey Hussle lost his life at 33 years old on March 31st. His achievements and kind soul have been commemorated with a posthumous humanitarian award at the 2019 BET Awards on June 23.

Lauren London, Nipsey’s love of his life, accepted the award and she took the stage to bring even more emotion to the moment.

‘Thank you guys for all the love and support,’ she said at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

She was obviously holding back her tears, before saying ‘The Marathon continues again.’ You can see the clip below.

There are also some photos that surfaced from the event which you can check out below.

Someone said, ‘Nipsey never performed on the main stage at the bet awards now the whole show is dedicated to him crazy how the world works.’

Another follower wrote: ‘Y’all not understanding his mother’s speech is exactly why y’all need to get off the internet and read a book.’

A lot of haters bashed the speech that Nip’s mother had, just like they bashed her for her speech right after his passing. Diehard fans tried to explain her feelings in the comments and shaded the haters.

A fan said, ‘HIS MOM BASICALLY SAID she felt her’s son’s spirit in his passing and that she received confirmation his soul was being resurrected when she saw the officer’s badge said ressurecctión. Also that she & Nipsey knew he was about to die hence why she said he came in the house preparing & planning like women do when they bout to give birth.’

Someone else believes that ‘This disrespect to Nipsey’s mom is disrespect to him. I understood everything she said, y’all could be birdbrains sometimes 🤦🏽‍♀️ #TMC.’

Lauren has been periodically posting something related to Nip on her social media account, just to keep his memory alive among her fans and followers.

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