Lewandowski told by Fox Business host he was being ‘a little slurry’ during interview

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was asked by a Fox Business Network host on air if he had drunk “a little merlot with dinner” and was told he sounded “a little slurry.”
The interaction took place as Lewandowski appeared on the network to talk about the latest news from the ongoing impeachment inquiry by House Democrats.
In the midst of her interview, the host, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, paused and sporting an inquisitive look, asked, “Corey? Did you have a little merlot with dinner?” 
“No. Should I have?” Lewandowski replied, with a smile. 

“You sound a little slurry, you sound a little ‘Biden-esque’ ” she responded. 

The interview ended not long thereafter with Kennedy jokingly taking a large gulp of coffee. 

“Thank you Corey. Great to have you,” she said, as laughter could be heard in the studio. 
“Maybe a cup of coffee,” she also joked. 

Lewandowski has been seen as a potential challenger to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), though he appeared to signal he may instead steer his efforts to reelecting Trump. 

“As much as I think I would be a great fighter for the people of New Hampshire, and one U.S. senator can make a difference, it is my priority to make sure the president of United States is reelected,” Lewandowski said this month on “New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath.”

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