Lewis Capaldi Asks Gallaghers To Reform Oasis And ‘Eradicate’ Him From Charts

Over the last couple of months, Lewis Capaldi and Oasis have become oddly aligned, thanks to some mutual trolling between the Scotsman and Noel Gallagher.

It started out with the latter citing Capaldi when discussing all that is ‘f***** w***’ about modern music, and this had a knock-on effect which has ultimately seen Capaldi come out at Glastonbury wearing a parka, perform ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ at a festival campsite and change his name to ‘Chewis Capaldi’ on Twitter (’cause Noel also called him Chewbacca).

No doubt Noel did not anticipate his Capaldi namedrop would have such consequences and now the ‘Someone You Loved’ singer has offered both Gallaghers some advice regarding how best to ‘eradicate’ his music from the charts.

In an interview with Radio X, the 22-year-old suggested that the long-estranged brothers bury the hatchet and reform Oasis in order to knock his tunes out of the charts.

He said: “Both of you probably don’t like my music, and wouldn’t you love to see me not be in the charts? If you guys got back together and do an Oasis album repackage, you’ll knock me out the charts for sure.

“And look, you probably don’t like that I’m in the… I mean, Noel, for one, you don’t like the tunes, my man, you don’t like them. And Liam, I mean, look, you probably don’t like them either so if you guys want to eradicate me from popular music, what you’re going to have to do is get together and reform. I’ll see you there.”

Whether you love Capaldi’s tunes or think they’re ‘f***** w***’, you’d have to admit he’s mastered the art of self-deprecating humour. But while a long overdue Oasis reunion would be welcomed by most, it seems it will take a lot more than an appeal from a likeable pop singer to build a bridge between the brothers.

An Oasis doesn't look likely any time soon unfortunately. Credit: PA
An Oasis doesn’t look likely any time soon unfortunately. Credit: PA

Oasis split in 2009 after Noel declared that he could no longer work with his younger brother and over the course of the past decade they have been unable to repair their relationship – quite the opposite, in fact.

Just last month, Liam apologised for sending a threatening message to Noel’s daughter, in which he asked her to tell Noel’s wife to ‘be very careful’ after she called him a ‘fat t***’ on Instagram.

Oasis split up 10 years ago. Credit: PA
Oasis split up 10 years ago. Credit: PA

Noel responded by tweeting a screenshot of Liam’s message to his niece and writing: “If I wake up to find one of the kids’ gerbils upside down on the cheeseboard with a knife in it I’ll be sure to inform the local care in the community officer. And don’t try and kidnap the cat either, we’ve just employed Ross Kemp as his close protection officer.

“Enjoy the summer big t**s. Catch up soon.”

So no Oasis reunion for the foreseeable, then. Sorry Lewis.

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Written by Alan Smith

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