Lil Scrappy’s Wife, Bambi Benson, And Erica Dixon Flaunt Their Killer Curves In Stunning Bathing Suits Video — Momma Dee Weighs In

Lil Scrappy Bambi Benson Erica DixonCredit: Instagram

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars Bambi Benson and Erica Dixon are both showing off their spectacular figures in sexy bikinis that have their fans drooling and running to the gym as fast as their feet can carry them.

A few days ago, Lil Scrappy’s wife, who recently gave birth to an adorable baby boy named Breland Richardson, took to social media to show off her killer curves and endless legs wearing Fendi, Fenty by Rihanna and some Chanel.

It seems that Bambi might have been filming scenes for the reality TV series.

Not long after, Erica, who have beautiful twin baby girls — Embrii and Eryss — flaunted her bounce-back game in a stunning purple bikini.

Erica, who is also mom to bright teenager Emani whom she shares with Lil Scrappy, was poolside relaxing. Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee, praised Bambi’s killer body by saying: “My daughter-in-law is perfect in my eyes I don’t care what Scrappy say or nobody else she’s perfect lover Ha ha ha.”

One supporter told The Bam: “Serving bawdy! Like how did u give birth n snap back like that 😩😩😩 #goalsasf ❤️❤️❤️Snatched ❤️❤️❤️ I’m crushing on your post mommy body.”

Another commenter shared: “Girl scrappy face in the background 😂😂 Bam you should model legs for days. Yessss I’m so glad all of you out here happy living your best life and doing all of you thing.😍😍😍”

This backer of Bambi revealed: “Looking like Beyonce. I love all of you together. I see a change in Scrappy since all of you started dating. #blacklove. she keeps a smile on his face bet no other did that bam is amazing and scrappy love him some her real love.”

Supporters of Erica complimented her impressique figure. One comment read: “You go girl you look great to just had twins you’re a great mother to all 3 of your girls’ congratulations, Erica. Can’t let Bambi do all the slaying today huh? 😂You should not feel you have to compete, be you all the time! There is no competition, you are who you are, and she is who she is.”

Another said: “Erica is hottt, but I’ve never seen her on IG and Bambi has always been on IG, it looks like she is competing with Bambi because every time she posts something then a post by you is posted, if I’m wrong Ericka I apologize, it just looks that way, yes you do look nice to have had twins, you’re a strong woman and confident .”

The two women are winning the Web.

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