Lil Wayne’s Daughter, Reginae Carter, Drops Profanity-Laced Message After BF YFN Lucci Posts Disrespectful Wild Video With Other Women — Should Her Dad Intervene?

Regiane Carter YFN Lucci Cucumber ChallengeInstagram

Did Reginae Carter reach her breaking point with on-and-off boyfriend YNF Lucci?

It certainly seems so after he took to social media and posted a series of despicable videos where he is with a group of women wearing bikinis and taking part in what is known as the cucumber challenge.

Fans are have been begging Toya Wright and Lil Wayne to do something about the insane situation between their daughter and YFN.

Supporters have also reached out to Reginae and asked her to have some self-respect and to move on with her life.

It seems that Reginae has finally concluded that she needs to get out of what many are calling a toxic relationship.

She posted the following message after the disturbing and disrespectful videos surfaced: “I don’t even break when I’m backing up, I’ll swerve on an f*ck boy if he is acting up💋 #Next.”

One fan said: “His story made me mad for her 🤯😭He disrespects her way too much; she needs to walk away from him for good. Toya Can you please be a mom and keep your daughter out Lucci face he embarrassing her the shit is sad, and she can do better, she really wants to lay up with a nigga that bad that she’ll let him embarrass tf out of her every other week? She can do better.”

Another backer told the young actress: “I just watched his ig story, and I am appalled……man he was gone find his way to them cucumbers one way or another. He not on the gram to see sis. He is watching the cucumber challenge in person. 😩Girl leave that man alone. Him don’t want you. He keep disrespecting you in public he’s not for you. Next !!”

This third supporter stated: “I really went to his story.. and I’m speechless lol. His story is despicable; some ladies just have no respect for themselves! And let these men make them look like fools! Reginae move on young queen. She got a message every week for him. If you have to keep sending subliminal, then 🗣🗣🗣 he’s not the one for you!!! I hope this is her breaking point cause he doesn’t gaf about her 😭She gon swerve right back into his lane 😭 save it, sis 🚮😂💯.”

Do you think Reginae has dumped her boyfriend?

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