Love Island Fans Are In Stitches Over Tommy Fury’s ‘Tiny Legs’

Tommy Fury has left Love Island viewers confused after a couple of unflattering shots of him appear to show off his ‘tiny legs’.

The 20-year-old boxer, and brother of Tyson Fury, has earned himself a fair few fans due to his impressive physique, but some people can’t seem to get past his ‘skinny legs’.

This angle doesn't do Tommy Fury any favours, to be fair. Credit: ITV
This angle doesn’t do Tommy Fury any favours, to be fair. Credit: ITV

The poor bloke has been compared to a bunch of very uncomplimentary characters, including Gru from Despicable Me and Crazy Legs from Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. He’s also been compared to an ‘actual sparrow’.

One viewer tweeted to say: “I can’t be the only person who can’t deal with Tommy’s toothpick legs.”

While others accused him of ‘missing leg day’ and offered him some training advice, such as ‘train your legs boy, they look way skinny’.

Love Island viewers haven't been kind online. Credit: ITV
Love Island viewers haven’t been kind online. Credit: ITV

I bet they wouldn’t say it to his face, though, eh?

Some fans have defended the size of his pins, with one apparent boxing expert chipping in to say: “Yeah, you’re not using your legs for boxing. It’s your hips, core.”

Personally, I think he’s just fell afoul of a bad camera angle – we’ve all been there, pal – because his legs look pretty in proportion here.

Tommy Fury. Credit: ITV
Tommy Fury. Credit: ITV

And his legs certainly don’t seem to be holding him back on the show, Tommy ended up with two women vying for his attention – Molly-Mae Hague and ring-girl Maura Higgins.

This isn’t the first time fans have enjoyed a sly giggle at Tommy’s expense, last time it was all thanks to some of his old social media posts.

Like most of us, Tommy has a few embarrassing posts from way back when, unlike most of us, he’s now in the public eye so folk have dragged them up from 2012 and spread them all over the place. It’s a double-edged sword this whole ‘fame’ thing, isn’t it?

A young Tommy used his BlackBerry to post heartfelt messages to a girl called Megan.

In one post teen Tommy wrote: “I dedicate my rugby match to you megan i love you with all my harttttttxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

That’s a lotta kisses, mate.

Another post reads: “Megan I would catch a granade [sic] for you.”

Sadly, it seems as though he and Megan weren’t built to last as he’s now on the ITV2 dating show.

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