Mad Max Director George Miller Reveals There Are Two Sequels Planned

It’s been four years since Tom Hardy took over the reins as leather-clad drifter Max Rockatansky and burst onto screens in the post-apocalyptic nightmare that was Mad Max: Fury Road.

It was a huge success, raking in more than $379m at the global box office. And in the years that have passed since its release, it has gained something of a cult status, with Shaun of The Dead director Edgar Wright calling it ‘the best action film of all time’.

But now the man behind it all, Australian director George Miller, has revealed that he’s not finished with Max’s story yet, with two more movies in the works. It looks like he’s currently trying to get the projects green-lit with Warner Bros.

Speaking to Indiewire, the 74-year-old said: “There are two stories, both involving Mad Max, and also a Furiosa story. We’re still solving, we’ve got to play out the Warners thing, it seems to be pretty clear that it’s going to happen.”

The Australian director said the sequels will happen. Credit: PA
The Australian director said the sequels will happen. Credit: PA

This isn’t the first time fans have been teased with potential plans for a sequel to the iconic blockbuster. The film’s star, Hardy, has said several times in the past that he’s keen to team up with Miller again.

Speaking at Comic-Con last year, he said: “It was always the plan to do three of them, so I think we’re still waiting on being given the opportunity and the green light to go ahead on the next one. But when I engaged on that there was a plethora of material on it.

“Obviously it belongs to Warner Brothers so it would be them who green-lit it. But a lot of projects are in radial, you know you wait for something to land when it’s real, and as soon as it’s real we’ll jump on it.”

And he had previously told fans that he was desperate to get the call from Miller to do more movies.

Tom Hardy has already said he's keen to reprise the role of Max Rockatansky. Credit: PA
Tom Hardy has already said he’s keen to reprise the role of Max Rockatansky. Credit: PA

In 2017, Hardy told the audience at a Television Critics Association: “There’s mythology to do with Mad Max that spans copious amounts of tales.

“What’s wonderful about George [Miller] is that he’s created sagas for Max and sagas for Furiosa [played by Charlize Theron], so it’s what he chooses to focus in on.

“I’m really just waiting for the call like, ‘All right, let’s get the leathers on and get back out there and do some more.’

“It’s there. I’m just waiting for it and looking forward to it.”

He added: “It’s a question of when. I’m not sure it’s called The Wasteland or not ’cause you never know. These titles change all the time. But there’s definitely another Mad Max project pending.”

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