Majority Of People Get Victoria Police’s Poll Wrong About Paying At Fast Food Drive-Thru

As technology continues to advance, national, state and local laws can start to become irrelevant, obsolete or needing an update.

That couldn’t be truer than for dealing with mobile phones and driving.

Obviously we won’t be going down a road where you can openly text and drive, but there are loads of things that our phones do for us while we’re in the car that shouldn’t constitute a fine.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Things like changing a song, answering a call or updating your maps if it’s handsfree are things that have slowly become accepted in certain circumstances.

However it there’s still one thing that you’re not allowed to do and the majority of people don’t seem to know it’s against the law.

Victoria Police posted a poll on Facebook asking: “When using a fast-food outlet’s drive-thru service, can I use my phone to pay?”

More than 53,000 votes were lodged and 65 percent of people thought it was totally okay to use something like Apple Pay to grab your Macca’s as you head down the highway.

However, according to Victoria Police, that will land you with a pretty hefty fine if the cops are sitting behind you.

“Using a handheld mobile phone while driving carries a $484 fine and accrue 4 demerit points,” the police service said.

“If you intend to use your mobile phone to pay at the drive-thru window, apply the hand brake, switch the engine off and then access your mobile phone. In doing so, you are not considered driving.”

Naturally, people who have seen the poll’s answer are pissed off because the law doesn’t reflect the reality of technology.

Credit: Hans Hamburger/Creative Commons
Credit: Hans Hamburger/Creative Commons

“Using a mobile device as a payment method is part of living in this day and age.

Would you be fined for entering a pin code into an EFTPOS machine that requires mobile 3G or 4G coverage in a drive through?” said one person.

“That is bloody ridiculous. Does that mean I can pull on the hand brake, turn off the car at traffic lights and use my phone? I am hoping this is a joke,” said another annoyed user.

A third hit the nail on the bloody head, writing: “If this is illegal, the law needs to be reviewed. You can’t seriously argue that using a mobile phone to pay for the food is too dangerous, but leaning out of the car window (often with both hands) to collect your food, drinks, whatever, is fine.”

Don’t hold your breath on the law being changed anytime soon though guys.

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