Man Writes Letters Of Apology To Crime Victims During Court Appearance, Is Jailed Anyway

A man wrote letters of apology for the crime he caused while in court – before been jailed anyway.

Twenty-three-year-old Shane Jenkins was still technically in custody during a 50 minute break in his court appearance for sentencing after admitting damaging property, assaulting two police officers and escaping custody. He wrote letters of apology to a victim and police officers who apprehended him during the break, as the judge stood the trial down briefly.

Jenkins had been involved in an incident during which he broke the window of an ex with a broom handle before high-tailing it away from the coppers.

After the young man pleaded guilty to the charges, he was given a four-month prison sentence – suspended for two years – as well as being ordered to perform 80 hours of unpaid work, and must also meet rehabilitation requirements and not take controlled drugs.

Jenkins was also given a suspended sentence and must perform unpaid work. Credit: SWNS
Jenkins was also given a suspended sentence and must perform unpaid work. Credit: SWNS

Which brings us back to the incident.

On 30 May this year, Jenkins had a row with his ex-partner at her home in Portishead, Somerset. He eventually left the property but returned later on and threatened to ‘brick the window’.

He then came back again and smashed the window through with a broom, Briston Crown Court was told.

The police attended the incident at around 3.30am, but he managed to give them the slip and ran away.

William Rose, defending Jenkins, said: “He blames the decisions he made by drinking to excess and taking cocaine and cannabis.

“He’s ashamed of his behaviour. He says he has ‘behaved like an idiot’.

“He consumed alcohol to excess and substances were taken. That very much clouded his judgement, for which he is truly sorry.

“Given the opportunity he would like to apologise to [his ex] and the officers.”

Jenkins refused to comment. Credit: SWNS
Jenkins refused to comment. Credit: SWNS

After that, Judge Julian Lambert offered Jenkins the opportunity, and sent him into custody for 50 minutes.

In his letter to his ex, Jenkins said: “I’m sorry for breaking your window.

“It was a stupid decision I made, I wasn’t thinking straight.

“I hope you can forgive me.”

To the officers, he wrote: “I’m truly sorry for my actions.

“I didn’t intend to cause harm, it was a spur of the moment decision.”

So, with his proposed reparations made, he was released – along with the suspended sentence and other requirements – back into the free world.

Bristol Crown Court. Credit: Google Maps
Bristol Crown Court. Credit: Google Maps

However, before he left, Judge Lambert warned the young man: “You will not be a drug-hazed layabout.”

Well, not unless he wants to go back to jail for longer than an hour or so in the future.

Jenkins, who also lives in Portishead, declined to comment as he left the court.

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