Mates On Holiday Manage To Sneak Out And Go Clubbing While Girlfriends Sleep

A couple of pals on holiday with their girlfriends managed to sneak out while they were sleeping, spend hours getting drunk in nightclub and then creep back in completely undetected.

David Goodings and his best friend Conor Mulkerins, both 25, planned a holiday to Majorca with their partners Gemma Whittaker and Amy Bowden.

While they all enjoyed a nice relaxing break, the two men decided they quite fancied checking out the local nightlife.

David, from Surrey, told LADbible: “It was a pretty tame holiday – you know the type, a family resort with evening entertainment, an ABBA tribute act or a magician, that sort of thing.

“One night I was joking around to my mate Conor, telling him we were only about 15-20 minutes away from the Magaluf strip. We joked about it and then thought, ‘actually shall we do it for a laugh?’ So we came up with a plan to sneak out while our girlfriends were asleep.”


David Goodings and Conor Mulkerins. Credit: LADbible
David Goodings and Conor Mulkerins. Credit: LADbible

And that is exactly what they did. Once both women were sound asleep, David and Conor crept out of their rooms, called a taxi and went off to a club.

As we all know, ‘pics or it didn’t happen’. So, David did one better and documented the whole thing on video before sharing it on Snapchat. It looks like a lot of fun, to be fair. Hats off to them, it was a good plan.

After a boozy three or four hours on the tiles, including a brief meeting with a man in a pig-tailed wig, the lads called it a night and headed back to their hotel and their completely unsuspecting girlfriends.

“The trick is to make sure you don’t get caught,” David tells me, which is sound advice and definitely what would have happened, if it wasn’t for social media.

“They didn’t find out until they saw it on Snapchat,” David said.

“The next day Conor and I were laughing between us, so they clocked on that something had happened, but they didn’t know until they saw the video.”

It’ll probably come as little surprise to learn that girlfriend Gemma was less than impressed with the fellas’ shenanigans.

“I thought it was funny, but my girlfriend was actually quite angry,” David said. “She didn’t see the funny side and thought it was bad that I’d sort of gone behind her back.”

Thankfully, though, all’s well that ends well and he and Gemma are fine now.

“We’ve laughed about it since,” he added.

That’s alright then.

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