McDonald’s Is Finally Adding The Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese To Its Menu

Do you ever order a quarter pounder burger at McDonald’s and think: Gee, if only this had another beef patty? Well… probably not, because who says ‘patty’? But we doubt you’d be complaining if there was double the meat, would you?

Well, now’s the time to ask yourself that very question because next Wednesday (7 August) you could find yourself having to decide whether to go for the standard quarter pounder or whether to double up. Doesn’t seem like a difficult choice, if you ask me.

According to The Mirror, double quarter pounders will be arriving at all the branches across the UK and Ireland next week – after being hacked from the menu eight years ago.

Oh hello there. Credit: McDonald's
Oh hello there. Credit: McDonald’s

The only downside is that it will only be available for seven weeks. That’s just 49 days.

The burger will set you back £4.29 on its own or £5.79 as a medium meal (with chips and a drink). Before now customers were only able to make up the tasty treat by being creative and combining burgers – which would set you back £6.98 on its own.

What a time to be a Maccie’s fan, eh? Earlier today, fans were queuing outside one of the restaurants to be among the first to try the new Spicy McNuggets.

Customers at a Manchester McDonald’s were given exclusive access to the latest addition for a one-hour period, allowing them to try the launch before they go on sale to the general public.

YouTube gamers, Tobjizzle and MiniMinter of gaming collective The SideMen, teased the launch to their fans on Thursday but didn’t reveal the actual restaurant location until 12.30pm today – meaning Mancunian fans had just over two hours to dash to the restaurant and get in line for the free spicy treat. Six hundred nuggets were given out for free to hungry fans willing to brave the long queues.

The Spicy McNuggets launch officially on 7 August and will be available for seven weeks. The specially developed recipe is based on previous versions that have gone one sale in Asia and the US and are permanently on the menu in Australia. For those who like an extra kick, the nuggets will come with a new Tabasco-based spicy tomato dip and come in the usual boxes of six, nine or 20.

Spicy McNuggets will be available in the UK and Ireland priced at an RRP of £3.19 for 6, £3.49 for 9, or £4.99 for 20.

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