McDonalds Might Be Extending Its Breakfast Hours

In what could be the best news you’ll hear all year, McDonald’s has announced that it might be extending breakfast hours to 11am.

That’s right, the only hangover curing meal worth talking about might be available for half an hour longer.

As of today (12th June), seven of the chain’s restaurants are trialling the extension, where they will be serving the breakfast for that all important extra 30 minutes.

It will be a six week test in which we will all have the responsibility of proving ourselves worthy of that extra time – and I’m pretty certain it’s going to go down a treat with the McMuffin loving UK public.Credit: McDonald's
Credit: McDonald’s

The only problem is, all seven of the restaurants are on the south coast in the Portsmouth and Isle of Wight areas. For reasons currently unknown, the responsibility will be placed on the shoulders of citizens of the area. Come on guys – we need you for this one.

If it’s successful, and our Portsmouth and IOW pals do the rest of us proud, the decision to change the current 10.30am deadline will be considered by the company, meaning they will be reversing 25 years of half ten hardship and pain.

If you’re used to getting your Maccies brekkie through Uber Eats – you’ll be familiar with the even stricter deadline of 10.15am. Painful. But if the new rules come into place, you’ll be able to order up until 10.45am. This is just good news all round for us all isn’t it. People seem a bit keen don’t they:

And just in case anyone wants to make a pilgrimage for the greater good of the rest of the country, this is the full list of restaurants: Ocean Retail Park, Fratton Park, North Harbour, Cosham and Commercial Road in Portsmouth, and the Ryde and Newport stores on Isle of Wight.

No pressure guys, but this mission is on your shoulders.

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