Miami Herald Roasts Marco Rubio Over Donald Trump Racism Response

The Miami Herald editorial board roasted Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) this week for his “pathetic response” to President Donald Trump’s “latest racist outrages.”

In a blistering op-ed published Sunday, the board said it was impossible to believe that Rubio was once hailed as “The Savior of the Republican Party” on a Time magazine cover. 

Although Rubio has mildly criticized Trump’s recent attacks on four congresswomen of color, he also sparked ire by lashing out at the way Democratic politicians and the media have responded.

The Herald’s board lamented how Rubio was “supposed to be a rising star who would help shake” up the GOP “after the disastrous election of 2012.”

“Rubio, far from the Republicans’ savior, seems just another slick politician with his finger in the wind — pushing the party deeper into Trump’s swamp,” the board wrote.

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